Insulin isn

Insulin isn


Author: Alan L. Yatvin

Alan L Yatvin is a Philadelphia attorney concentrating in police misconduct civil rights, criminal defense and children's disability rights matters. He has tried cases ranging from death penalty homicides to complex municipal liability police misconduct cases. He has also briefed and/or argued appellate matters before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court and the Appeal Chamber of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

One thought on “Insulin isn”

  1. Hi Sir,

    Is this petition only beneficial to PWDs in the U.S. or will it affect every one of us globally?

    I am in total agreement with this petition and if there’s one advocacy that I’d devote myself into, this will be it. I am a T1.5 diabetic who lives in the Philippines. I consider myself lucky to fend for all my supplies. I could just imagine the agony of those who can’t afford to buy their medications and just choose to die from complications rather than buy a vial of insulin, which by the way costs about 1,000 pesos here or approximately $48.

    I know signing up for this petition is one way of helping my fellow diabuddies in our fight against this condition.

    May God bless us all.


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