Law Offices of Popper & Yatvin
Referral Fees Again
In Six Figures

For the 10th consecutive year Popper & Yatvin has paid referring
counsel aggregate fees well into six figures.

The nature of our practice, especially in police misconduct cases,
is such that these cases frequently originate with our colleagues
in the bar.  Many of these attorneys refer us their police and
prisoner civil rights and criminal cases because they appreciate
the complicated nature of these matters and the specialized
litigation involved.

Particularly flattering have been the increasing number of cases
referred by attorneys who have had occasion to litigate civil rights
cases themselves.  These attorneys have come to the conclusion
that the time, effort and expense involved in dabbling in these
cases make them uneconomical for the average practitioner.  
Indeed, one such attorney told us that he has found our degree of
success -- including early settlements -- so exceptional, that he
does better referring cases to us than litigating them himself!
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